Ballet is beautiful but not easy at all. Ballet dancers study in professional institutions for 8 years and then perfect the mastery all their lives. What we see on stage is the result of hard work and rehearsals. This 10 lesson- special course will help you enjoy ballet routines to the full. Step into ballet shoes under the guidance of Maria Vinogradova, a leading soloist at the Bolshoi Theatre. And by the way, you can train in socks if you don’t have any ballet footwear in your wardrobe.

This course is for those who want to:

  • Diversify their physical routines;
  • Learn how to move gracefully;
  • Make their leg muscles more elastic and strong;
  • Improve posture and movement coordination.

You will be surprised to find out how effective the ballet classes are for toning up the whole body. As you train at the barre, there is a lot of load on the legs, arms, back and neck.

To make it easier for you to grasp the lessons filled with terminology, we’ve prepared a guideline for each class with a detailed description of each movement. For the lessons you will need a mat, a foam roller and a barre or support. You can use the window sill, a high chair, the back of a chair or couch as support. The main thing is for it to be stable. Important: do not try to do all the exercises at full intensity and depth, go slow and gently work out and stretch out the muscles.

If you feel any pain when doing some of the movements, then reduce their intensity. Remember that breathing and water are the best friends for muscle elasticity. WELPS hopes that this course will bring you new emotions and amazing esthetical pleasure.