As you age, the functions of the respiratory system deteriorate because of the reduction of air cells in the lungs, where the oxygen capacity goes down. Pranayama helps restore their size and normalize the circulation of red blood cells in all parts of the body, filling it with life and strength. By practicing pranayama, you can really slow down the aging process. It took ancient yogis several years to teach the pranayama techniques. In the 21st century, we have at our disposal 10 detailed lessons that will help you prolong your youth and improve your health, provided you practice them on a regular basis.

The most suitable position to start breathing practice is by sitting with your back straight. According to the yoga teachings, the central energy channel (sushumna) runs along the spine. It is the straight back that ensures the smooth flow of energy. In terms of physiology and anatomy, breathing with an open chest and a straight back is also preferable, because this position allows to use your lung capacity to the maximum. Get yourself comfortable and let’s start the practice.