Lesson 1

Lesson 1

In this lesson you will learn how to identify your pelvic floor muscles and control their work, as well as concentrate on the sensations you have whilst doing the exercises.

The required equipment: a chair and a mat.

Exercise 1. Self-diagnostics of the pelvic floor muscles, identifying the perineum muscles.

Starting position: sitting on a chair, fold down and put your belly on the hips. Then come on up and sit in an upright position, this is how you should sit on your perineum. Place the palm between the sitting bones and try to squeeze in the pelvic floor muscles as much as you can. Your palm is giving you feedback. If there is a small dome between the palm and the perineum muscles then you are doing everything right and are conscious of the muscles working. You shouldn’t feel any pressure on the palm. And there shouldn’t be any intra-abdominal pressure.

Exercise 2. Breathing in an upright position

This exercise is aimed at separating the thoracic and abdominal diaphragm from the pelvic.

Starting position: standing on your legs slightly bent, place your hands on the lower abdomen. Position your fingers in a diamond shape, bringing the index and the middle fingers together on the lower abdomen and the thumbs above the belly button. Tuck the tailbone under. Breathe into the ribs.

  • Your sternum is moving forward, on inhale open up the thoracic section, bringing the shoulders back, shoulder blades reaching towards the spine. The pelvis stays put. Do 5 reps.

  • The sternum goes down, on inhale we bring the thoracic section inward, tailbone is tucked under, stretching out the shoulder blades in the back. Do 5 reps.

  • The sternum moves to the right: on inhale bring the sternum to the right, your pelvis and shoulders stay in place. The sternum comes back. Do 5 reps.

  • The sternum goes to the left just like in the previous exercise. Do 5 reps.

Exercise 3

Starting position: lying down on your back, knees bent in a 90-degree angle, push through the heels, place the hands in a V shape on the lower abdomen. On inhale squeeze in the pelvic floor muscles, pressing the lower back to the floor and tucking the tailbone under. Make sure that your inner tension doesn’t go above the chest area. And on exhale relax the pelvic floor muscles, and bring the tailbone slightly forward. Do 10 reps.