Welps is certain that you can make not only your body but also your face beautiful and toned. Especially for Welps users Elena Lebedeva,, a facefitness trainer and beauty coach has developed a unique program called Facefitness Light. Today the key trends of the beauty industry are non-operational and non-invasive methods. This program includes simple yet very effective exercises for posture, neck and also exercises aimed at improving the balance, tone and elasticity of the face muscles.

If done regularly, this course exercises will help you to:

  • Improve your posture and complexion;
  • Eliminate facial and neck spasms;
  • Tone up the face oval and smooth out your mimic wrinkles;
  • Eliminate headaches;
  • Improve overall tone and become more active and energetic.

To make this set easy to do it’s been divided into different days. Each day you get to do one exercise. This way you can add a new exercise each day and thus the program will become an easy-to-do face routine.

Recommendations for doing the exercises:

  • Hands should be clean and sanitized;
  • Apply a tonic or another favorite product of yours to your face before and after the exercises. If need be, use a moisturizer;
  • Always do the exercises in front of a mirror;
  • It’s recommended to do this set of exercises sitting by the table or standing in front of the mirror. Place your feet on the ground parallel to each other, keep your lower back straight, no arches, your shoulders down, your neck long, reaching up towards the crown of your head;
  • This set is intended for gently working out your face, so make sure that throughout the process you don’t have any folds or creases;
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on your face and don’t pull the skin. Make sure that your face, neck and hands are relaxed;
  • Be careful with your jaw. Don’t open your mouth too much, make sure you don’t provoke any cracking in the jaw joints, avoid any side movements;
  • If you see unpleasant changes on your face, stop doing the exercises and consult a specialist;
  • When doing the exercises focus on the muscles that you are currently working out. Don’t engage the neighboring muscles;
  • If you feel that your muscles are working unevenly, try to distribute the load symmetrically;
  • Watch your neck, make sure the front and back sides are relaxed;
  • If you feel tension in the back part of your neck try to do the exercises next to the wall or place your elbows on the table;
  • You shouldn’t feel any pain, discomfort and stress when doing the exercises;
  • Drink water when doing the exercises.


  • Acute stage of skin conditions;
  • Inflammatory diseases of facial and trigeminal nerves, neuropathy;
  • Virus infections: running nose, bronchitis, otitis, etc. (when working on your face, the lymph flow increases. There is a high probability that the infection will spread throughout the body);
  • Lymphatic system diseases, tumor diseases;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Any disease in the acute phase;
  • Beauty injections, if you had them done less than 1.5-2 months ago. After this period, you can do the exercises.

*If your disease has not been listed, but you have contraindications for massage and doing sports, then consult your physician.

Recommended regimen for doing the exercises:

  • The maximum effect from doing the exercises can be achieved if the full set is done 4-6 times a week;
  • The full set is performed once a day. You can divide it into parts and do whenever you have the time;
  • The exercises can be done in the morning or in the evening but not later than an hour before sleep;
  • If it’s too hard to do the full set, choose your favorite exercises slowly building up and adding the other ones. It’s best to do little than nothing at all.