Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Flying tadasana

It’s recommended to do this exercise in the morning to stretch out your spine after sleep. The Tadasana (mountain pose) is also great for releasing the stress after sitting for a long time. If done correctly, this static pose allows you not only to straighten out your spine and normalize the blood flow in the body but also to feel more confident and relaxed.

A beautiful face begins with proper posture. The muscles, joints and fasciae form a unified system of the whole body and their correct functioning first of all affects the face. Even if you are not sure of this yet, keep on doing these exercises on a regular basis.

The technique: stand in Tadasana. Feet are slightly apart in parallel with each other. Reach up with the crown of your head, bring the shoulders back and pull the arms down. Legs, knees and glutes are engaged. Don’t forget to tuck the tailbone under.

Relax the face, gaze in front. Breathe calmly, a couple of inhales and exhales. Then bring the arms back, don’t lift the shoulders, palms facing each other (feel your shoulder blades squeeze even more and your sternum open). Focus your gaze on a point in front of you and rise up on your tiptoes. Your body should be stretched out like a string and reaching up. Breathe calmly. Stay in this position for 5-10 inhales.

Make sure you don’t arch in the lower back area.

Your bonus is the stretching out of the whole body, great posture, long neck and well-shaped facial oval.